Thursday, June 11, 2009

XAO Wave 'C' at a top?

Wave C in the longer term Expanding Triangle scenario may have topped today, with the final wave 'v' looking complete and being approx 61.8% of wave 'i'.

There is potential for a little more upside, but looking purely at the probabilities and the XAO's love of 61.8% fib ratios between waves moving in the same direction - extreme caution on long positions is now warranted.

There is also a close fib ratio between this final leg and the previous 'a' circle leg as well - wave 'c' circle being almost 61.8% of 'a' circle. Breaking below the bottom of wave 'iv' and then wave 'b' circle should signal the next down leg (pending the analysis of the unfolding wave structure of course).

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