Wednesday, June 10, 2009

XAO - Expanding Triangle for Wave (4)

Wave 'C' Not yet completed. Under the Expanded Triangle scenario, Wave C has continued to new short term highs but has provided more clues to it’s structure – namely 4 small waves up ‘i-iv’ have completed (wave iv may still have one more leg to complete). The wave ‘b’ circle has unfolded as a triangle, but an additional triangle unfolded within this correction to add complexity in calculating it's ending point.

Short Term. Five waves up on the last leg of wave C should complete very shortly and provide a turning point just above the 4000 mark (to around 4070). Wave ‘iv’ may not yet be complete, therefore some minor downside could unfold before heading higher to complete 5 waves up.

Overall Wave (4) target. It should be noted that wave 4’s tend to retrace 38.2% of wave 3’s – this would put a completed wave 4 retracement at around the 4300 mark on the XAO. Therefore a drop into wave D down (to a new low) and then back up into wave E at around 4300 would be a reasonable estimation for a completed expanded triangle scenario. Wave (5) down would then commence.

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