Tuesday, March 17, 2009

XAO - 5 up
A small five wave move up on the XAO looks complete. It has also hit some key resistance levels @ 3350 as well x2 Fibonacci retracement levels of 38.2% ( from wave (4) ) and 61.8% (from wave 'b' circle).

The completed 5 waves up indicates a retracement should be forthcoming then (at least) another 5 waves up to form (at a minimum) a zig-zag correction (5-3-5). The ultimate target of the XAO may be around the 3500 level where again there is strong resistance and 61.8% fib retracement level.

The impending short term retracement (a 3 wave move, or a triangle) could take the XAO back down to 3250 (a 38.2% retrace of the recent leg up) or to just under 3200 (a 61.8% of the recent leg up) and also hitting fib levels from wave (4) and b circle as shown. As some have already suggested in the forum, this retracement may be an opportunity.

Wave (5) Down - Ending Diagonal?
The leg down from the end of wave (4) is a three wave move. So this evidence suggests either an ending diagonal is forming or wave (4) is still unfolding.

The way I've labeled this chart is to imply a large ending diagonal is unfolding. In an ending diagonal scenario, 5 waves will form but all waves will contain 3 wave moves and waves 2 and 4 will overlap. So far, wave 1 contains a 3 wave move - wave 2 up is now underway with the 1st wave of three looking complete.

Should a larger 5 wave move upwards unfold, then I would consider wave (4) still unfolding and will be a triangle.

I should also point out that the recent 5 wave move upwards could be part of an expanded flat correction as the completing waves at the bottom end of the chart are a little messy and hence can be hard to interpret - So I've also got this scenario catered for in the back of my mind (eg driving under a 3200/61.8% retrace would start to get my attention). If true, the downtrend would be underway once again.

Note: Ignore the lowest bar at the bottom of the chart - that's a 62 point data anomaly from last week

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