Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short term XAO update

THURS UPDATE: It appears a very small triangle wave 'e' has completed after all, and the XAO has broken above the channel line. Next leg up now appears underway.

The last several trading days have not provided clear impulsive patterns higher, suggesting corrective action is ongoing and thus brings a clue - raising a strong possibility an Elliott wave triple combination corrective pattern is unfolding for this entire leg down. An ending triangle will appear at the end of triple combinations, however there tends to always be a challenge with triangles and how they play out - sometimes triangles can form one of the waves within a triangle itself. Hence, the chart below provides a rough idea how the triangle is unfolding

The down sloping channel lines now have a role to play - a solid break out and higher after the triangle completes will be a strong signal. However, there will possibly be a false break that can sometimes occur with triple combination. Supporting an end to this correction is the MACD price oscillator as it is clearly divergent on the 60min chart (not shown) since the second week of June.

The bottom line: A change in trend appears to be close at hand

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