Saturday, May 26, 2012

XAO Long Term Update - May 2012

This post is an update to the long term chart here and updates the current view (no change to the wave count). What's different is the ending of the wave 'B' circle - ending a triangle. Some suggested downside targets are included based on Fibonacci relationships of wave (1) down of wave 'C' circle and updated downside targets based on Fibonacci relationships of wave 'A' circle.

A downside target of 2350 is an interesting target area as it represents several relationships: 61.8% of wave 'A' circle and a relationship of wave (1) down: using wave (1) = wave (5) and wave (3) is 161% of (1) will give an approximate target of 2350.

The extreme downside targets are also valid since they correspond to previous wave 4's of different degrees:
  • 1500 for the 1987 wave 4, and
  • 300 for the 1975 wave 4 of one larger degree
The 900 target area represents wave 'C' circle = wave 'A' circle and would be another target of high interest.

Think any of these target areas are unrealistic? Just take a look at the MSM financial assertions and the postings from numerous people in the 'know' on the internet as wave 'A' circle started to unfold back in 2007 - hardly anyone believed the XAO could more than halve in value in under 2 years. Are we on the precipice of a new bull market to regain all those losses or is there more uncertainty than ever before?

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