Friday, February 17, 2012

XAO Short Term Update

The sideways correction on the XAO still has some more 'sideways' to go. The last XAO post indicated a possible move down to the 4200 levels (maybe lower to 4150) to complete wave 'd', this appears to be occurring as anticipated, once complete, a push up to complete wave 'e' is needed. This next set of moves should complete one of the largest Double Three Combination corrections seen on the XAO.

The Australian Job market appears to be catching up to the bearish social mood with several major brands announcing job cuts this week. I don't believe the cuts are significant at the moment as I'm expecting a much larger round of cuts if the market falls as anticipated. Major job cuts tend to occur near the market bottom when conditions are the worst.

As for the chart below, the index needs to keep within the approximate boundaries for the time being so waves 'd' and 'e' can complete. A premature push out of the triangle with momentum could be an indication that the short term count is not accurate - or as triangles love to do, create uncertainty.

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