Monday, July 4, 2011

Australian Interest Rates - July

The last RBA board decision left interest rates on hold (surprise surprise) and going by the text of the meeting minutes I can't understand how anyone could make a decision one way or the other based on the adjectives and nouns provided. If I were to jumble up the meeting minutes from the last several months and ask you to select the appropriate meeting minutes for the correct month - you'd have no hope.

Alternatively anyone could spend 5 mins reviewing the 90 day bill rate and making a well educated decision as to the RBAs cash rate target - as the cash rate target simply lags the 90 day bill rate. The 90 bill rate is still around 5% (4.98 as of June 30th) and is little changed since beginning of June shown here. For the upcoming July decision, there is no logic for the RBA to change the cash rate target currently at 4.75%.

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