Thursday, August 26, 2010

XAO - The bigger picture

The Bigger Picture of a Zig-Zag correction on the Australian All Ordinaries

A few posts back I provided a long term chart of the XAO that covered the last 120+ years, one key point shown was the clear break from the very long term trend line from 1975 onwards. This date and one other - 1987, are two key dates on the chart that represent wave 4's of different degrees of trend. I'll come back to the importance of these dates later.

The first assumption on the chart below is that a zig-zag (5-3-5) correction is unfolding on the XAO  on such a scale that hasn't been seen in decades and probably won't be seen again in anyone's lifetime. Supporting this outlook is an initial 5 waves down from the 2007 top completed in March 2009 - labeled as 'A' circle. This is an ominous sign as 5 waves down requires another 5 down to complete a corrective phase.

'B' circle is assumed complete and is a 3 wave correction, leaving wave 'C' circle down to unfold.

The downside targets of wave 'C' circle are shown on the linear scale chart below. Several downside targets are represented - with 1261 being the wave '4' triangle correction in 1987-1992 and an extreme target that represents the wave '4' of next higher degree from 1975 (Corrections will usually aim to complete in the vicinity of a previous wave '4' or further)

1975 was the start of the most aggressive leg of the credit era and there is strong belief by a few analysts that this credit era needs to unwind - aggressively. Unwinding of the XAO back to the century long trend line would see the XAO at around 1000-1200 points, or in other words the 1987 wave '4'. 

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