Wednesday, July 1, 2009

XAO - Short Term view

The XAO short term view (60min chart) shows that wave (ii) has likely completed yesterday.

The rationale is that:
  1. An expanding 'b' wave triangle is evident within wave (ii), suggesting completion of wave (ii) was imminent.
  2. The decline today retraced wave 'c' in less time than it took to develop - a key indicator that strongly suggests the next leg down is underway.
There is a chance that wave (ii) could subdivide and form a more complex correction, hence the decline today could be part of the 'X' wave - but it's not a favorable option at this time.

Some of the rationale behind this is that the Resource sector (XMJ) has retraced only just over 23.2% of the decline. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable, there's a chance that additional corrective action could unfold (eg a double zig-zag).

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